a club for writers in the FdL area


Two FAW meetings:  Our writers club holds two different meetings each month.  The one described on this page is our regular meeting, which is held on the fourth Tuesday of each month.  (Except for our Christmas dinner, which is on the third Tuesday in December.)

Our other meeting was a workshop, which was held on the second Monday of each month.  No regular club business is conducted during our workshop sessions.  See our Writing Workshop page for details on those.

Note:  Those Writing Workshops have been discontinued for the winter.  They may resume in April if a new moderator volunteers to conduct those sessions.

Previous:  Our December meeting was our annual Christmas Dinner Party at Faros.  17 people attended.  Our thanks to Linus Doll for writing our Left-Right game script, to Mary Chancellor for reading it, and to Betty Boehrig for contributing our prizes.

Our January Meeting

Brief:  FAW, Tues. 1/28/20, 7 pm to 9 pm, MPTC, room O102.

On Tuesday, January 28, 2020:  Author M. Paul Hollander will talk about the genre of Historical Fiction and his four books:

  1. “Lost Lady:  The Lady Elgin Tragedy  2018.
  2. “Curse of Atlantis: Jamestown”   2015.
  3. “Curse of Atlantis: Plymouth Rock”   2015.
  4. “Curse of Atlantis: Roanoake”   2014.

Agenda:  (all times are estimated and approximate)

6:30 pm:  Set-up.

7:00 pm:  Welcome and introduction.

7:05 pm:  Paul Hollander’s talk.

7:35 pm:  Q & A:  Questions for Mr. Hollander.

7:40 pm:  Brief break, meet-and-greet and book signing by Mr. Hollander.

7:50 pm:  Meeting resumes.

7:55 pm:   Previous business:  Discontinued Writing Workshop for winter.

8:00 pm:  New business:   Need a new moderator, if workshops can continue in Spring.

8:05 pm:  Features:

  1. January Birthdays:  ____________________________________________________________ .
  2. Book Report:  “The Annotated Godfather”
  3. Club News:  Three classes for writers at UW-O FdL (brochures.)
  4. Events:  Lakefly contest  (https://lakeflywriters.org/ and brochure.)
  5. Humor:  Reader’s Digest jokes: Bible Study, dog sign, comedians.
  6. Information:  Flash Fiction:  Havok at gohavek.com1,000 wrds.
  7. Insights:  The Outline and Structure sheet from Andrea Garbisch.
  8. Inspiration:  Two magazines with prompts: Inspire and Strive.
  9. Motivation:   Writing Contest at Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters
  10. Vocabulary:  Our word of the month is “________ .”
  11. Writers News:  Puppet of Dr. Treffert on “Living in Good Health” Winter mag.

8:25 pm:  Our self introductions:  Your name, what you write, One other fact about you.

8:30 pm:  Writers share their writings.

8:55 pm:  Writers choose our suggested writing exercise for February:  Flash Fiction?

9:00 pm:  Adjournment.  Social time.


Here are some details on our upcoming events for our FAW club:


February:  Tuesday, 2/25/2020:  Author Thomas Cannon of Oshkosh will talk about his four books.

  1. “The Tao of Apathy,”  2013.
  2. “Downriver,”   2017.
  3. “The Battered Suitcase,”   2009.
  4. “A Cup of Comfort for Parents of Children with Autism,”   2007.

March:  Tuesday, 3/24/2020:  Author Beth Ann Ziarnik will talk about her two books: “Her Deadly Inheritance” and “Her Deadly Reunion.”


April:  Tuesday, 4/28/2020:  Author Nicole Valle will speak about her three books:

  1. “Truth Lies Within Grace”   2019.
  2. “Ultimate On-Line Resource Guide”   
  3. “Wives on Fire”   


August:  Tuesday, 8/25/2020.  Speaker will be FAW member Karl Stewart.  Karl is the author of six published books.  Karl’s books are available on Amazon.  His website is at https://karlstewart.net/

  1. “The Legend of See Bird:  The Last Long Drive.”   2012.
  2. “The Legend of See Bird: Devil’s Backbone,”   2015.
  3. “Good Night, Sweet Dreams,”   2013.
  4. “The Seventh Cruise,”   2016.
  5. “Up Harvey’s Creek,”   2017.
  6. “Fare Thee Well, Harvey’s Creek,”   2018.


Questions, concerns, and/or suggestions:    Please contact John Silah.  Call # (920) 923-1918 – home, or # (920) 251-9586 – cellular.  Or email jmsilah@gmail.com.  Further  information about our club will be posted on our social site on the Internet, which is our Facebook page (search “Fond du Lac Writers.)

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