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Welcome writers

This is the Fond du Lac Area Writers club weblog (blog) site, and our primary website.  On this site, we post some of our writings, and anyone can blog about anything related to writing, or whatever anyone wants to talk about.  Your comments and feedback are welcome, members and non-members alike.  Our main topic will be writing, of course, but who knows where the threads will take us?  After all, writing can be about anything.

Our club currently has two Internet websites.

Purpose:  We have several goals for this site.

  • Information:  To keep people informed about our club.
  • Discussion:  To encourage some lively debate, which may spark our members to write about those topics.
  • Feedback:  To keep our club up-to-date and responsive to our members’ concerns and suggestions.
  • Forum:  To provide a place for everyone to post their writings that they wish to share.

Approval:  Your postings will appear as soon as WordPress processes them.  Our moderator, John Silah, is notified via email, and checks them.  John will not delete anything, except for comments that may be inappropriate for a family organization, or detrimental to the club.  Welcome, and thanks for contributing to our ongoing discussion.

Caution:  There may be some writings that you should not share.  Some examples of writings that you should not post are:

  • Writings that contain ideas that you don’t want others to copy
  • Writings that you have submitted for publication elsewhere
  • Writings that contain copyrighted material
  • Writings that someone else has written

Disclaimer:  We have no way of knowing all of those things.  Therefore it is the responsibility of you, the blogger, to withhold anything that for any reason you are not sure that you should share.  Thanks for your diligence.

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